Heritage Brands

Heritage Brands is an Australian owned business operating nationally in the health, wellness and beauty markets. Based in Melbourne, Heritage Brands proudly owns Australis, Innoxa, In Essence Aromatherapy, Oil Garden Aromatherapy, Cottage Oil and Mode. The Company also has the Australian license and distribution for a number of International brands.

Australis - Device - Australis

Key Features

∙ State-of-the-art Magento Commerce Platform (previously known as Magento 2 Enterprise Edition).
∙ Magento Cloud technology stack.
∙ Multi site and multi store architecture for company brands.
∙ Multiple currencies.
∙ Tailored responsive Magento 2 themes designed to optimise user experience for all brands.
∙ Address validation based on Google Services.
∙ Integration with social and marketing platforms to enrich the content and streamline the interactions with the end users.
∙ One Step Checkout.
∙ Payment Methods including Afterpay, Zippay, Paypal, Credit Cards and Loyalty Points.
∙ Algolia Search.
∙ Advanced Promotion Rules, Aligned with Company Marketing Strategy.
∙ Tiered Rewards Programme using Magento Native Loyalty Functionality.
∙ Advanced Marketing Automation and Customer Interaction Tools.
∙ Advanced Shipping Rules.
∙ Business Intelligence Tools.
∙ Integration with Remarketing Platforms.
Integration with Back End Systems (Customers, Orders, Stock Levels, Shipping and Tracking Codes, Invoices and others)

Australis - DT - Life style image 1 -  Australis
Australis - DT - Life style  -  Australis
Australis - DT - Life style image 2 -  Australis_1
Australis - DT - Life style image 2 -  Australis_2