Adobe Summit 2024 was an electrifying gathering, bringing together visionaries, solution partners, and industry leaders to share ideas about the future of digital experiences. Our CTO, Maxim Baibakov, attended the event in Las Vegas, participating in vibrant discussions, new Adobe product announcements, and inspiring brand success stories. 

Let’s dive into Max’s highlights and key takeaways from this year’s Summit. 

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The Pre-Conference Partner Summit 

After Max’s touchdown in Las Vegas, the week began with the Pre-Conference Partner Summit, a deep dive into the emerging trends that promise to redefine digital experiences for Adobe Solution Partners.  

There was a big focus on Generative AI (GenAI) and advancements in content creation, data management, and personalised commerce journeys, which offered a glimpse into the future of Adobe experiences.  

It set the stage for an invigorated Adobe Commerce ecosystem; we are eagerly anticipating the impact of these discussions. 

Images: Adobe Summit 2024 Partner Day

Day #1 The Age of AI Across Adobe Products 

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen set the tone with a compelling vision for AI integration across Adobe offerings and a new era of content, commerce and customer journeys.  

The spotlight on GenAI continued with insights from leaders like Anil Chakravarthy, President of Digital Experience at Adobe, and David Wadhwani, President of Digital Media at Adobe, who highlighted its application in personalisation in solutions like Adobe Firefly and Adobe GenStudio. 

The introduction of Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant and significant updates to Adobe Commerce, including new storefront capabilities and enhanced content supply chain integration, marked a milestone in delivering personalised, efficient commerce solutions. 

Image: Adobe Summit 2024 Day 1 – Inspiration Keynote

Day #2 Building Community and Celebrating Innovators 

The day was rich with discussions on leveraging Adobe Commerce for B2B excellence and the profound role of digital experiences in building brand communities, as illustrated in the conversation between Shantanu Narayen and Delta Air Lines’ CEO, Ed Bastian. 

The Adobe Experience Maker Awards spotlighted the innovative achievements of partners, celebrating the collaborative spirit and transformative impact of Adobe solutions. 

A huge shoutout to 7-Eleven Australia for winning The Advocate Award at the Adobe Experience Maker Awards! Well done to the team for this remarkable achievement!  

Huge congrats also to Paul Wallace from 7-Eleven Australia for winning The Experience Maker Executive of the Year award! Congrats, Paul, on this well-deserved recognition!  

We’re also super proud of Mitre 10 for being named a finalist for The Disruptor Award! Their approach to immersive experiences with Adobe Commerce is a testament to the team’s dedication and passion. We’re mighty proud to collaborate with such an exceptional team.  

See all of the finalists and winners here. 

Day #3 Showcasing Commerce Rockstars 

The Adobe Commerce Rockstar Showcase was a highlight, presenting the best in apps, integrations, and strategies for exceptional shopping experiences.  

From optimising PWAStudio for performance to exploring custom OMS solutions, the showcase offered a wealth of knowledge and innovation to drive business growth and operational efficiency with Adobe Commerce.  

Check out our Rockstar finalist presentation at last year’s Summit here. 

Image: Rockstar Commerce Finalist 2023 – Balance Internet

Expanding the Digital Frontier: Insights and Innovation 

Adobe Summit 2024 was testament to the potential of digital technology, showcasing how Adobe’s suite of tools and platforms are being leveraged to push the boundaries of creativity, efficiency, and personalisation.  

The discussions around GenAI and its integration into products like Adobe Firefly and Adobe Experience Manager Assets underscored a future where digital experiences are more immersive, intuitive, and impactful. 

Image: Touchdown in Las Vegas 2024

Closing Reflections: A Summit of Inspiration and Connection 

Adobe Summit 2024 has illuminated the path forward, emphasising innovation, community, and collaboration. The insights from industry leaders and the success stories shared by companies like Pfizer and Major League Baseball (MLB) illustrate the transformative power of Adobe’s digital experience platforms.  

These stories inspired us and served as a blueprint for leveraging digital technologies, like Adobe Commerce, to foster deeper connections with customers and drive business growth. 

This years conference was full of ideas, innovations, and inspirations that set the direction for the future of digital experiences. The event underscored the power of community, collaboration, and creativity in navigating the digital landscape. 

Reflecting on the insights and announcements from the Summit, we are filled with excitement for what’s ahead. The advancements in AI, digital commerce, and workflows promise to elevate the Adobe experience to new heights, empowering businesses and partners to deliver digital experiences. 

Adobe Summit 2024 may have come to a close, but there’s still plenty to unpack. If you’re interested in understanding how this impacts your digital commerce roadmap, please reach out. Let’s talk. 

(Source: Adobe 2024)

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