Understanding your users and business outcomes enables our team of UX problem solvers to drive successful outcomes for Australia’s leading merchants

Our user experience team combine design thinking with a data driven approach to craft “on brand” eCommerce experiences for Australia’s leading merchants. Our UX designers are problem solvers at heart – performing the research and analysis necessary to deliver delightful and engaging commerce experiences.

Our team of analysts and UX designers collaborate with you to define your business goals and identify your target market. This allows the team to understand what makes your customers tick, in order to define the solution to meet their needs. Defining the problem enables all teams to understand and explore opportunities.

We believe in total collaboration with you to develop a streamlined user experience. We combine your knowledge of your brand and customers with our eCommerce expertise to define relevant and streamlined user pathways for each customer segment that optimise conversion and sales.

Beginning with a review of available data, followed by a comprehensive discovery workshop, which includes a review of customer behaviours, brand values, and visual identity. We then move to an ideation phase to gather early input from stakeholders – from the designer’s vision to the developer’s logic – plus an analysis of competitors.

Depending on your project requirements, our UX team tailor a process that may include a combination of usability testing, persona creation, user journey mapping, wireframes, prototypes and content strategy development.

Our team follows the latest UX techniques and tools to ensure they stay informed and up-to-date on the usability trends, which best engage customers and turn every interaction into a meaningful opportunity to convert.

User Interface Design

The combination of our user experience process and user interface design ensures the experience for each customer is optimised for each user across all devices. Further, ensuring your content will be displayed clearly and concisely, making it easy and intuitive for users to navigate.

Our designers understand the trade-off between design and database queries, ensuring your site isn’t bloated with unnecessary functionality and code that may impede performance under load. Our objective is to deliver the best possible conversion and sales for your business through a premium brand experience that is simple and compelling. We aim to represent your brand in the best way possible through your eCommerce offering, resulting in a higher engagement rate which in turn drives ROI.

Our ultimate goal is to create experiences that fully engage customers while being aligned with your business needs.

User Experience and Interface Design Services:

•  Competitor Benchmarking & Analysis
•  Personas & User Profiling
•  Data-driven Design
•  Expert UX Audits
•  User Journey Mapping
•  Design Research & Ideation
•  Wireframes & Prototypes
•  User Testing
•  Information Architecture & Content Strategy
•  User Interface Design


Expert UX Audits

Are your users beginning to be frustrated with their experience on your site? Are you starting to identify less than perfect that could be damaging to your brand and losing your customers? Our comprehensive UX audit is designed to help you improve your users’ experience by identifying what may be causing them frustration, leading to poor conversion or declining sales. Our UX specialists can review all aspects of your site and provide you with a prioritised report that can help increase your site performance.

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