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What is The Mantle?

Quick. Powerful. Affordable.

The Mantle is an innovative MVP Magento 2 accelerator built exclusively by Balance Internet. With The Mantle, you can launch your B2B, D2C or B2C commerce solution or transactional platform quickly – without sacrificing functionality, quality or performance.
Utilising the power of Magento Commerce and a number of extensions curated or pre-built by Balance Internet, The Mantle is a rapid commerce solution built on an infrastructure suited for continued growth and digital transformation pursuits.

Why The Mantle?

  • Low investment – A cost effective solution that meets compliance requirements
  • Low risk – Platform flexibility that will allow your organisation to innovate and grow
  • High quality – Integrate easily with other business systems
  • High results – Start trading quickly while continuing to optimise your site with real time customer data

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The Mantle Features

At Balance Internet we have 10+ years of Magento experience, tapping into this experience we have designed solution feature sets for B2B and B2C based upon the most desired market requirements.


  • UX & Design Consultation
  • Responsive Theme
  • 2FA Security
  • Multi-Source Inventory
  • Shared Catalogs
  • Customer Groups
  • Quick Order
  • Pay on Account
  • Quote Workflow
  • Facilitated Training


  • UX & Design Consultation
  • Responsive Theme
  • Reviews
  • Store Locator
  • Live Chat
  • Instant Search
  • Advanced Promotions
  • Shop by Brand
  • Google Analytics
  • Facilitated Training


Powered by best-in-class technology and a passion for engineering innovative solutions, our team of experts are well versed across multiple B2C industries:

  • Retail & Trade
  • Healthcare & Health Services
  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG
  • Building, Metal, Civil Construction & Building Equipment
  • Education & Educational Services
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Energy and Telco services

Bronson Safety

Bronson Safety is a fast emerging player in the Australian Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) supplies market. Their commitment to providing exceptional, high-quality workplace health and safety products and services to customers is unwavering. Through investing in their digital commerce platform, the brand is driving revenue and efficiency gains.

Best Friends Pets

For Best Friends Pets, delivering smooth customer experiences with a robust digital foundation is at the heart of their commerce strategy. Balance Internet started working with the brand to create a powerful solution to provide customers with everything they need for happy and healthy pets, whether premium pet food products or grooming and vet services.

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The Mantle Partners

We’ve been in eCommerce longer than most, chances are we’ve worked with the systems in your ecosystem.

Since 2008, Magento Commerce has grown to become the preferred Commerce Platform for international and Australian merchants. Magento now powers over 30% of global and 45% of Australian merchants enabling retailers to innovate, differentiate and grow their omnichannel sales in an increasingly competitive market.
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Every moment your customers spend with your company should be personalised, consistent, and frictionless. In a world full of disruption and startups, customer experience is what makes or breaks today’s brands. Adobe Experience Cloud draws from its vast experiences with customers all over the globe to deliver a suite of solutions through Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud.
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Power up your Magento 2 store with Amasty. Amasty is a provider of more than 250 Magento eCommerce modules, that support the smooth running and conversion optimisation of your Magento platform.
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Thought leadership

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