The implementation of a high-performing Magento solution is the beginning of your journey to eCommerce success. Your online store should always be iterating to deliver great customer experiences that drive your conversion goals.

Your conversion rate is a percentage of site visitors who complete a desired action which is the key metric that indicates how your business is performing. By knowing your overall business objectives we can work with you to define a set of relevant conversion goals that we can track with you to measure the performance of your online store.

Our conversion specialists understand that while sales conversion is important it is only one of many KPIs we can track to measure the success of your online store. We also set and track acquisition goals like visits to store locators, email signups, social media shares, joining loyalty programs or adding an item to your wishlist. By focussing on the KPIs that drive value for your company we can continually improve and optimise. We use a range of analytic tools like Google Analytics and Magento Business Intelligence to understand what is working and what needs attention, so you can focus your efforts to the benefit of your business.

We have also developed our very own Conversion Rate Optimisation methodology (CRO100) that identifies 10 key conversion drivers. The CRO100 enables us to evaluate and score your sites on their current conversion effectiveness. The CRO100 Report scores your site out of 100 against our conversion criteria and prioritises recommendations for how to improve site performance around acquisition, retention and conversion.

Data-Driven Optimisation

Data is one of the most important indicators of how your site is performing and a primary source for understanding how to improve your key metrics and alleviate friction from the customers’ experience. Taking a data-driven approach starts with a review of your analytics and configuring them to capture your correct conversion goals.

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