A PayPal service, Braintree helps merchants accept, process and split payments, across any device and through almost any payment method. Offering a seamless checkout experience with full merchant support and advanced Kount fraud protection. Businesses all over the world benefit from their technology and support.

Process payments in your Magento store securely with Braintree, a full-stack payment platform that makes it easy to accept payments online. Streamline your checkout experience with their ready-made UI that is, and maintain PCI compliance easily. Kount’s sophisticated fraud tools can help you manage risks presented by fraud, offering Kount services to help detect and prevent fraudulent transactions while approving authentic orders. Real-time, big data processing technology from the team at Kount evaluates hundreds of data points in every transaction to reduce fraud attempts in seconds.

Available natively in Magento 2, Braintree easily integrates within to existing systems and platforms via API’s. Supporting a large variety of payments including Credit Cards, PayPal and more recently, bitcoin.

Why we love Braintree:

  • Seamless checkout experience
  • Full merchant support
  • Advanced Kount fraud protection
  • In context payments
  • Subscription and recurring payments
  • PCI Compliance

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