Established in 1962, e&s Trading has been a staple in Australian homes, providing high-quality, stylish appliances for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. As a family-run local business, they embody “the e&s feeling,” a commitment to exceptional service, honest advice, and great prices. Recognising the need to unify their in-store and online customer experiences, e&s embarked on a transformative omnichannel journey.

e&s, driving innovation to achieve game-changing digital transformation with Magento Commerce Cloud

The Challenge

e&s Trading grappled with the challenge of transforming their eCommerce platform into a comprehensive omnichannel solution. The primary obstacle was to maintain the unique e&s brand ethos while ensuring a seamless, enhanced customer experience across both online and brick-and-mortar outlets. The limited functionality of their existing platform hampered their vision of becoming a formidable player in digital commerce. 

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, Balance came onboard to design a cutting-edge Adobe Commerce solution. The implementation integrated essential business systems and concentrated on delivering a phenomenal customer experience to B2C customers. The solution was also future-proofed to cater for potential B2B expansion. 


1936% surge in online revenue in the first year  

Average growth rate of 23% per month 

Technical Features

Content Management: The solution’s ability to efficiently manage and publish content across various channels, coupled with an ERP system integration, simplified content management. 

Analytics & Reporting: Adobe Commerce provided e&s with the ability to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, sales performance, and inventory management, facilitating informed decision-making and process optimisation. 

Personalised Experiences: The platform’s capabilities allowed e&s to create immersive experiences using rich content formats, interactive products, and customised pricing options, all aimed at increasing customer engagement and conversions. 

Scalability & Performance: The AWS-based environment ensured scalability and superior performance. The platform was capable of handling high campaign traffic while maintaining optimal performance through optimised content delivery. 

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