Balance in the Media 2022 Recap: Insights and trend predictions

Reflecting on the past year, we are delighted to share a recap of our most notable media features from 2022. Throughout the year, Balance gained widespread recognition for its expertise and contributions to the digital commerce field, driving growth, and fostering eCommerce innovation. Our media features exemplified our commitment to pushing the boundaries of eCommerce beyond traditional retail while prioritising the optimisation of customer experiences and embracing cutting-edge technologies. Join us as we delve into the valuable insights and industry trends that shaped our year. 

Why Cloud-Native Platforms Are the Future of Digital Commerce – Forbes Australia  

Embrace the future of digital commerce with cloud-native platforms that offer agility, scalability, and innovation opportunities. Learn how these platforms enable retailers to stay ahead of retail innovation, harness first-party customer data, and deliver personalised experiences. Discover why a cloud-native approach is crucial for businesses seeking to compete effectively in the digital commerce landscape. Read More.

Growing Appetite for eCommerce Beyond Traditional Retail – RetailBiz 

Discover the transformative potential of eCommerce beyond retail as various sectors, including education, healthcare, and government agencies, jump on the eCommerce bandwagon. James Horne delves into how digital platforms are driving growth, boosting revenue, and enhancing customer experiences in this post-pandemic era. Read More.

The Importance of Fostering Direct Customer Relationships – Retail World Magazine 

Explore the challenges and opportunities brands face in the era of online shopping, as Australia experiences an extraordinary shift towards direct-to-consumer sales. Learn how brands are navigating this landscape to build meaningful customer relationships and drive success in the digital marketplace. Read More.

BlackMilk Clothing Cuts Mobile Page Load Speed with Balance Web App Solution – IT Wire

Discover how BlackMilk Clothing, a popular Australian brand, achieved faster mobile page load speed and increased transactions through Balance’s web app solution. Learn how their implementation of a progressive web application (PWA) using a headless commerce approach resulted in improved customer experience and a significant boost in transactions. Read More.

Big Data: Improving the Citizen Experience – Gov Tech Review

Explore how big data is revolutionising the citizen experience in Australia as government departments utilise advanced analytics to gain insights into citizens’ behaviour and preferences. Discover how these data-driven approaches are enhancing digital platforms, optimising government services, and tailoring experiences to meet individual needs. Read More.

First Things First: What Digital Experiences Brands Need to Fix Before Looking to the Metaverse – B&T

Before venturing into the metaverse, brands must address existing digital experience issues. Discover how focusing on hyper convenience, frictionless payments, and commerce integrations with social media and emerging technologies can pave the way for a seamless transition into the metaverse, delivering stronger results and exceptional customer experiences. Read More.

Simplifying Payments:Why Frictionless Is More Important Than Price – RetailBiz

Uncover the key to reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing revenue in the world of online shopping. Learn how simplifying the payment process, offering various payment methods, and prioritising convenience over price considerations can deliver a seamless, hassle-free experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Read More.

Equitable Upskilling, Closing the Digital Divide – Gov Tech Review

Closing the digital divide is crucial for achieving equitable upskilling in Australia. Explore the initiatives aimed at improving digital competencies and internet access for all citizens, ensuring equal opportunities to benefit from the growing tech sector. Learn how grassroots campaigns and funding can bridge the gap and create a more inclusive digital landscape. Read More.

Progressive Web Apps or “Going Headless” When Is the Right Time to Make the Switch?  – Power Retail

Discover the power of headless Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) in streamlining mobile eCommerce experiences. Explore how faster page load speeds and seamless transactions can be achieved by adopting a PWA approach. Learn from the success story of BlackMilk Clothing and understand when to make the switch to PWAs for a competitive edge in the mobile shopping landscape. Read More.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted, Why Now Is the Time for B2B eCommerce – Forbes Australia 

Traditional sales methods are becoming obsolete, and B2B businesses must embrace eCommerce to stay ahead. Explore the shift in consumer purchasing trends and the growing importance of digital channels in B2B sales interactions. Discover why now is the time to establish a digital sales platform, cast a wider net, and explore opportunities like Direct-to-consumer sales for survival and future success. Read More.

Beyond the Customer Experience, Why Marketers Need to Consider Total Experience for Digital Success – B&T 

Uncover the key to digital success as marketers go beyond the customer experience and embrace the total experience. Explore how aligning customer experience, user experience, employee experience, and multi-experience can outperform competitors and deliver exceptional satisfaction metrics. Learn why prioritising the total experience is crucial in a world where hyper-convenience increases pressures on employees and businesses striving for growth in the digital commerce landscape. Read More.

Publicis Groupe named an Employer of Choice by HRD – Media Week 

HRD named Publicis Groupe Australia a winner in the prestigious 2021 Employer of Choice awards. Read More.

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