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Digital innovation is changing the way the world learns, and in turn, how higher education institutes are driving revenue.

The higher education experience is constantly responding to economic change and the growth of emerging employment sectors. Institutions must keep pace by implementing innovative technologies to modernise learner experiences and meet the growing demand for new edu-products, such as micro-learning.

Integration of digital commerce into the learning experience creates a transactional ecosystem for providers, thus making a platform fit for the commercialisation of education products and services, deeper personalisation for each learner, automation to maximise business operations, seamless integration between critical systems, and sustained digital innovation and growth.

Whether you’re a digital transformation professional or c-suite leader, download the latest playbook from Balance and Adobe experts to explore strategies to boost revenue by integrating digital commerce into the student experience.

You’ll learn about:

  • Transactional ecosystems for higher education
  • Commercialising learning content with commerce
  • How seamless integration with commerce benefits the bottom line
  • Digital commerce best practices and insights for institutions to apply
  • The innovation imperative for revenue growth