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Who are Balance Internet

We do eCommerce. Since 2008, Balance Internet has been implementing leading solutions for B2B businesses across the Asia Pacific region.

Balance Internet is a highly specialised eCommerce agency, and our unmatched B2B industry expertise guides our first-class digital delivery process.

Balance Internet has become a specialist in digital transformation, working with each of our valued clients to achieve harmony across their digital ecosystems, with eCommerce at the core.

We think of our clients as long-term partners. In partnership, we help your business form the solid foundations of a leading digital solution.

If forward-thinking digital transformation for B2B without the complexity, is what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t fall behind your competitors, speak to our team of digital transformation experts today.

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Key B2B Features

Market dynamics are constantly evolving, and to remain competitive, B2B businesses today need more than just an eCommerce strategy. A B2B company needs a scalable and sophisticated solution to seize market opportunities and meet the high demands of its buyers.

Ready for business

  • Company accounts with multiple buyers in tiered organisational structures.
  • Order, quote, and invoice tracking for buyers across the company.
  • Automated order approval process based on rules set by each company.
  • Seamless integrations with ERP, WMS, PIM, CMS, CRM, and POS systems.

Frictionless purchasing

  • Quick order forms and list uploads for buyers.
  • Saved shopping lists and fast reordering.
  • Seamless request-for-quote process for online deal negotiations.

Personalised experiences

  • Customer-specific catalogues and pricing.
  • Multi-site support to tailor experiences for different brands, audiences, channel partners, or geographies.
  • Targeted content and promotions to personalise each visit and boost conversion.

Agility to adapt

  • Flexible selling models with support for both physical and digital goods, services and subscription offerings.
  • Business intelligence tools and reporting to unpack insights.
  • Integration of pricing, product, customer, shipping, and other data with existing business systems.


Powered by best-in-class technology and a passion for engineering innovative solutions, our team of experts are well versed across multiple industries, including:

  • Healthcare & Welfare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government & Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesaling
  • Building, Metal & Civil Construction
  • Construction & Mining
  • FMCG

Independence Australia

Independence Australia is a unique social enterprise, providing products, services and support for people living with a disability or who need assistance with personal care. A complete overhaul of their digital experience meant starting with a complex re-design of the entire digital ecosystem and customer journeys.

Bronson Safety

Bronson Safety is a fast emerging player in the Australian Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) supplies market. Their commitment to providing exceptional, high-quality workplace health and safety products and services to customers is unwavering. Through investing in their digital commerce platform, the brand is driving revenue and efficiency gains.

Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce Whitepaper – Second Edition

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We’ve been in eCommerce longer than most, chances are we’ve worked with the systems in your ecosystem. Here are a few of our partners:

Since 2008, Magento Commerce has grown to become the preferred Commerce Platform for international and Australian merchants. Magento now powers over 30% of global and 45% of Australian merchants enabling retailers to innovate, differentiate and grow their omnichannel sales in an increasingly competitive market.
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Every moment your customers spend with your company should be personalised, consistent, and frictionless. In a world full of disruption and startups, customer experience is what makes or breaks today’s brands. Adobe Experience Cloud draws from its vast experiences with customers all over the globe to deliver a suite of solutions through Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud.
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Braintree helps merchants accept, process and split payments, across any device and through almost any payment method. Offering a seamless checkout experience with full merchant support and advanced Kount fraud protection. Businesses all over the world benefit from their technology and support.
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