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In today’s digital landscape, there is a significant opportunity to bring eCommerce best practices, ecosystems and digital technologies that have been so successful in other industries into the healthcare and life sciences industry.

This playbook is centered around how eCommerce technology can create new business opportunities and drive revenue for healthcare organisations. Including both consumer brands offering products and services and business to business brands operating within the industry.

Strategically developed from extensive market research, insights from leading healthcare organisations and input from eCommerce experts, explore 7 key plays to transform your business with eCommerce.

Download a copy to learn how healthcare brands can utilise eCommerce to:

  • Foster direct relationships with customers
  • Disrupt the market with a hyperconvenient experience
  • Capture the value of data with a firstparty data strategy
  • Recognise the benefits and tradeoffs of marketplace participation
  • Reenergise globalisation strategy with marketplaces
  • Provide seamless digital interactions and selfservice options
  • Personalise content for decision makers with account-based marketing

Who should read this?

Direct to consumer and over the counter brands:
Over the counter and non-prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements, health food, eyeglasses and contact lenses, wound care and personal care, at home dental care and orthodontics, sanitary products, medical devices.

Direct to consumer healthcare services:
Medical professionals and healthcare practitioners with a private practice, residential care centres, clinics (e.g. outpatient clinics), centres (e.g. optometry centres), practices (e.g. dental practices).

Direct to consumer health and medical insurance providers:
Managed care services, case management services, insurance products and services.

Business to business medical device companies:
Medical devices, surgical appliances and instruments, machines and robotics, pharmaceutical packaging and labelling.

Business to business pharmaceutical companies:
Pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, pathology and clinical laboratories, medical imaging, biotechnology.