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As you strive to increase your profitability, by deploying new features and functionality in eCommerce, the importance of a strong feedback loop is apparent. Collating  consumer behaviour and sales and search statistics are some of the core key performance indicators to shaping the holistic customer experience. Viewing your business’s important performance metrics in real time through Magento and aggregated dashboard, empowers you to make actionable decisions that help you reach your business goals. The dashboard is the first view you see as your login as an admin, giving you an executive overview of the sales, customer behaviour and any 3rd party data. The aggregated reporting function can produce reports including:

  • Sales reports
  • Tax reports
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product performance
  • Abandoned shopping cart report
  • Best viewed products report
  • Best purchased products report
  • Low stock report
  • Search terms reports
  • Product review report
  • Coupon usage report
  • Total sales invoices report
  • Total sales refunded report

Magento 2.0 Dashboard Administrators Guide

Did you know that you can produce dashboard snapshot reports for each store view? This multi-functional reporting system offers information such as:

Sales: The Magento 2.0 dashboard creates reports on Lifetime sales, revenue, tax, shipping and the quantity of sales per specified time period.

Orders: Situated at the top the ‘Orders’ tab displays a chart of all orders during a specified time period. Beneath the chart the total revenue, tax, shipping and quantity ordered is listed. Lifetime sales and the last five orders are to be found on the left of screen.

Amounts: Located at the top of the screen, the ‘Amounts’ tab displays a chart of all order amounts during the specified time period. Showcases the average order amount and the last five orders can be found on the left of screen.

Search Terms: Documenting the last five search and last top five search terms, they also appear on the left of reporting screen.

Products: The dashboard also features a ‘Bestseller’ tab which displays the price and quantity of all ordered best-selling products. Also shown is the products that have been viewed the most during the specified time period and this is listed on the ‘Most Viewed Products’ tab.

Customers: Located at the bottom of the screen is the ‘Customers’ tab. This lists which customers have ordered the most during the specified time period. The ‘New Customers’ tab lists all new customers who have registered for a store account also during a specified time period. Located to the left of the screen you will find the ‘Last Orders’ section which displays the most recent orders by customer.

Less cluttered and more streamlined, the Magento 2.0 dashboard and reporting functions are easier to navigate as the colours are less distracting ensuring your focus is on the task at hand. The developers at Magento have once again refined and reimagined the admin interface while providing an analytical tool that can help you target your business towards growth and increased ROI.

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