Windsor Smith

Established in 1946, Windsor Smith is a family run business based in Melbourne. Regarded as one of the top fashion footwear brands in the country, Windsor Smith has grown from strength to strength over the years. With their online store acting as a key contributor and opportunity for growth, their eCommerce channel is serious business. Windsor Smith partnered with us in 2013, and we’ve worked on numerous exciting projects since.

Balance inherited the Magento 1 Community site that Windsor Smith were working on, and after 5 years the site needed constant support as traffic and sales grew. The issue was most prevalent during periods of high traffic and it was starting to affect the overall customer experience, leaving a lot of room for improvement in the conversion stakes. Windsor Smith needed an upgrade to Magento 2 to support their online growth and integration with their existing ERP – AP21. (Enterprise Resource Planning system).

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With the key stability and fulfilment issues in mind, we began talking about a migration to the new Magento2 platform to address the problems that all three Windsor Smith sites were experiencing. We proposed a complete rebuild of the integration to focus on improving stability and fulfilment, while keeping in mind the requirement for a seamless integration of data between Windsor Smith’s’ ERP system and the M2 platform.

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Through a collaborative series of workshops, Windsor Smith worked closely with us to establish the core requirements of the new build. We looked to Magento 2 for enhanced performance and scalability infrastructure to address the stability issues and our integration middle layer solution to ensure an accurate transfer of data between AP21 (ERP) and the Magento 2 platform. We gave the user interface an overhaul to create a cleaner, more intuitive, responsive design that placed the product front and centre.

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The result was a responsive site with a sleek, modern look and feel. Intuitive Algolia search functionality quickly and easily guided the user straight to the product they wanted to see, while the elastic load balanced environment supported sale performance by automatically adjusting infrastructure resources to suit traffic levels. The middleware handled the data integration element seamlessly and there was no interruption to back end functionality. Fulfilment is now a breeze, with the tightly integrated AP21 fulfilment process allowing for more efficiencies in the picking process. Other notable improvements were achieved in conversion on mobile devices and operational efficiency, with Windsor Smith team members spending a lot less time managing content.

Windsor Smith - Mock Up Website 2017DT - Life style image 2 -  Windsor Smith
Windsor Smith - Mock Up Website 2017DT - Life style image 2 - Windsor Smith