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16 January 2024

Balance in the Media: 2023 Recap

Looking back on 2023, we’re excited to share the wealth of discussions, groundbreaking ideas, and valuable insights that have emerged in the digital commerce landscape.  Throughout the year, the expanding role of AI, the emergence of creative commerce, and the popularity of unified B2C and B2B commerce platforms captured our attention, highlighting the need for…

Balance in the media

9 December 2022

Balance in the Media — 2022 Recap

Balance in the Media 2022 Recap: Insights and trend predictions Reflecting on the past year, we are delighted to share a recap of our most notable media features from 2022. Throughout the year, Balance gained widespread recognition for its expertise and contributions to the digital commerce field, driving growth, and fostering eCommerce innovation. Our media…

The hyper-convenience economy

27 May 2022

The rise of the hyper-convenience economy

Covid-19 has accelerated the consumer appetite for hyper-convenience. Lockdowns forced businesses to come up with innovative new ways to deliver goods and services while still meeting social distancing requirements. From groceries delivered to a customer’s door within a  specific time frame, the ability  to let click-and-collect workers know they’ve arrived so they didn’t need to…