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Product information management (PIM) is like a library filled with business resources and a digital assistant who can retrieve those resources with just one click.

Product information management


A key piece of infrastructure in any eCommerce business, PIM enables you to store information about your products in a central database. It organises attributes, technical information, images and marketing information, making it easy to find and access what you’re looking for.

A really effective PIM goes several steps further, and allows for seamless integration between your product database and eCommerce store. This means product ranges can be updated, new stock uploaded, prices changed and seasonal looks revamped on your eCommerce platform with one click.

At Balance Internet we work alongside a number of PIM systems, with a strong focus on the Akeneo PIM.

Whichever PIM toolset you choose, having product information available and integrated into your eCommerce network allows you to improve competitiveness and drive sales. From general product information to technical specifications, an effective PIM offers a complete data collection, management, refinement and output solution.

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Akeneo is an open-source product information management (PIM) system designed to help merchants store and retrieve information about their product range in a central database.

After product details have been uploaded, Akeneo PIM offers complete synchronisation across various channels including eCommerce sites and product databases. Fully compatible with Magento and other third-party systems (including eBay), it allows for real-time updates across your entire network of channels.

Akeneo PIM is a multi-channel, open-source and user-friendly link between your product range and online retail space.

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