About GovCMS

GovCMS is a content management and website hosting solution for the Australian Government, making it easier for agencies to create modern, affordable, responsive websites to better connect the government with people.

The GovCMS Philosophy – Open, Adaptable, Shared

Open – GovCMS uses open source technology (Drupal) and an open cloud platform. This approach helps people across the Australian Government and beyond come together and contribute to making GovCMS better.

Adaptable – GovCMS is created for government by government and is driven by agency and end-user needs.

Shared – GovCMS supports the “create once, use often” principle and encourages the sharing of new features created to support sites. No more duplication of cost, time or effort.

GovCMS Product Features

GovCMS offers a flexible, comprehensive, end-to-end service for Australian Government websites. This includes everything from design through to implementation and hosting. GovCMS is available to all tiers of government and comes loaded with features, especially designed for government websites.

  • GovCMS is built on Drupal Open Source Software, so any new functionality developed for one agency can be shared across all GovCMS websites.
  • Proactively tested and maintained to meet government standards, secure as it meets Australian Government online security standards, reducing the security accreditation work required.
  • Provides agencies with a starting point and tools to create accessible websites. Out of the box, GovCMS core functions and features are WCAG AA compliant and follow best practice service design based on the Digital Services Standard.
  • With government website audiences increasingly mobile and new devices appearing all the time, GovCMS provides a responsive and adaptable solution without any effort on your part. GovCMS websites will work well on any device.
  • Built with load balancing capabilities and disaster recovery to ensure high availability of agency websites, the GovCMS platform has a website uptime of 99.95% each month. GovCMS takes regular backups of the website database and files. Audit logs will be maintained for 7 years.

Our Services

Strategy & Digital Transformation – Our approach to innovation is based on a solid digital strategy to drive business outcomes. We review your operation holistically to develop a strategy that is aligned with your business goals. The team at Balance Internet offer a comprehensive approach to digital transformation. We understand your online business needs, with growth initiatives that support your vision. Our analysts look to identify short, medium and long-term goals that focus on maximising business outcomes.

User Experience & Interface Design – Our user experience team combine design thinking with a data-driven approach to craft “on brand” experiences. Our UX designers are problem solvers at heart – performing the research and analysis necessary to deliver delightful and engaging online experiences.

Development – Our team of 50+ developers can take the performance of solution to the next level. Our experienced teams pride themselves on the development of scalable and stable high performing solution, that deliver tangible benefits.

Why Balance Internet

Balance Internet is proud to be the trusted digital business partner for some of the country’s leading brands and organisations. With the combination of open-source technologies such as Drupal at our core, we deliver innovative, high-performing solutions that have been recognised by the open-source community worldwide.

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