The digital transformation of businesses and organisations goes hand in hand with the continuing growth in all types of commercial, administrative and technical content. This leads to a challenge regarding where the artefacts need to be stored, as well as, workflows to review, approve, modify or initiate other business processes within the Enterprise.

Create an open source and open API technology stack allows efficient and flexible enterprise content management, automation of business processes and collection of the key process metrics for the enterprise. This formal process governance allows modern Enterprises to focus their energy and investments on the expansion of the business and optimisation of the portfolio of services and offerings.

Our Team

The experienced team at Balance Internet have been working with transactional systems, business process modelling and automation for more than 10 years. The team has experience in the development of the customer-facing and intranet applications, data warehousing, information management, business process automation, decision-making support systems, data and system integration.

Balance Internet provides clients with a best-in-class approach for their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) implementation. Whether that includes an initial implementation, migration expertise, integration with 3rd party tools or systems, custom application development, and consulting, Balance Internet offers a variety of solutions and experience to assist with our clients complex ECM efforts.

Our Solution

Alfresco Logo

Alfresco is the leading open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system leveraging best of breed open source technologies and enterprise scalability. Founded in 2005, Alfresco has quickly become a disruptor in the ECM market, making it a viable alternative to traditional legacy ECM vendors.

Using Alfresco, you will find all the functionalities of a modern and versatile document management software such as storage and cataloguing all types of content including rich media and large files such as maps and plans, high performance visualization (from PDF’s to videos as well as Office file formats; everything can be read without needing to leave the software), a high performance search function with multiple filters, classification schemes, virtual navigation, and interfaces that can be personalised.

The team at Balance Internet believes the solution stands out thanks to its capacity to interface and integrate with all of the other ecosystems of a business such as direct versions of documents created in Office suites (MS Office and/ or Google Doc), integration with directories and authentication systems, iOS and Android mobile clients, integration with digitalisation chains and message systems, and connectors with other large business software packages such as SAP and Salesforce.

An opportunity to tailor data taxonomy, leveraging the reference models, as well as configurability of the dashboards, reporting and metadata with the access through web, mobile, specialised apps, make Alfresco a superior Enterprise system. Business process definitions are implemented according to the flexible BPMN2.0 notation. Role-based access control and functions within the processes, as well as segregation of the departments and functions are utilised to ensure the attention of the staff to the right areas and tasks within the defined processes.

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