Barilliance is a SAAS solution which specialises in eCommerce personalisation and helps retailers increase revenue, AOV and repeat customers by creating personalised experiences for their customers across mobile, web, email and in-store. Barilliance can help you collect and aggregate your data (from both online and in-store) into one place and then uses smart machine learning to automate a consistent and personalised cross channel experience for your customers.

Barilliance offers an integrated (yet modular) suite of low touch omni-channel personalisation solutions that enable eCommerce sites to deliver a personalised shopping experience during every step of the purchase journey and across any channel or device. The company has developed a revolutionary integration process that allows the implementation of the richest featured personalisation tools in just a few minutes, with minimal need for IT support. Barilliance can help retailers to centralise all browse and transactional data in one place and then uses smart machine learning to automatically create optimal experiences. All Barilliance campaigns are very low touch, highly supported and all subscriptions are on month-to-month terms to ensure accountability around campaign results The Barilliance Product Suite Includes: Triggered Emails (cart abandonment, browse abandonment, exit intent pop ups) Product Recommendations (on-site, email and omnichannel recommendations) Onsite Personalisation (to run targeted messages to customer segments online) Customer Retention (allows deep customer segmentation for highly personalised marketing messages) Live Notifications (social proofing) Content Personalisation.

Why you’ll love Barilliance:

  • A complete end-to-end personalisation suite that is also modular
  • A genuinely low touch solution for both marketers and tech teams
  • Barilliance is already loved by 500+ retailers globally and over 120 in Australia. Request Case Studies for more info
  • All activity is on month-to-month terms which ensures accountability around performance
  • Barilliance Product Recommendations on average increase conversion rates by 5-6x

Barilliance has been helping Australian retailers to create a personalised shopping experience for 10 years now. Barilliance can integrate with any e-com platform or ESP and has an exceptional reputation when it comes to customer support. Most importantly, Barilliance operates a deep personalisation suite which includes personalisation across website, in-store, emails, mobile and social. To find out more or to view some local Barilliance case studies, please email

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