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Founded in 2009, Amasty is a developer of Magento e-commerce modules with offices in Belarus, Slovakia and the UK. In 10 years, Amasty has gathered an impressive portfolio – over 250 modules for Magento and Magento 2, hundreds of partners coming from 80 countries, and 92% of positive reviews from real-life customers. In 2017, Amasty became the The First Premier Magento Extension Builder. Note that the number of Amasty’s partners is growing continuously. See why.

Our work is based on 5 key principles:

  • Technology focus.Our team of 100+ professional developers and certified specialists follow Magento best practices and new trends to deliver quality products.
  • Reliability. We don’t just sell Magento modules; we provide lifetime support and updates to every purchased extension, as well as other services.
  • Customer-centric approach. It’s our customers and their needs that inspire us to provide new products. Our customer count – 33 K+ – serves as an unbeatable proof that this strategy is beneficial.
  • Customer success. It’s the key metrics for us, and our Customer Care department is ready to step in and help the customers resolve their business challenges without delays.
  • Quality product. Following Magento standards, our specialists strive to provide top quality products that meet the customer’s needs without unwanted complications. And we got our reward – 9+ rating based on over 500 reviews from real customers.

Meeting customer’s needs doesn’t always boil down to selling a good extension and providing support. What if a customer needs to expand their store or ensure it’s safely sealed from hackers but lacks tech expertise? For this matter, we offer a range of services, namely:

  1. Magento migration

    Your store is growing, and the server capacity is stretched to the limit? Our experts have all the needed tools and knowledge to ensure smooth Magento migration to another server and make it quick and loss-free.

  2. Server configuration

    Spare yourself the trouble! Ordering Magento hosting configuration service, you hire a devoted team of professionals to configure your server according to all best practices.

  3.  Server Optimization

    Magento server optimization is a tricky process that requires special knowledge, skills, and abilities. Leave optimization to professionals to boost your site speed swiftly and avoid complications.

  4. Security patch installation

    Magento regularly releases patches to protect online stores from hacker attacks and make Magento system much more secure. Trust patch installation to professionals to save time and effort.

  5.  SSL Setup

    Our team will add the SSL certificate to your Magento webstore to help you provide the safety of customer data in your store.

  6. Elasticsearch Engine Installation

    So you bought Magento 2 Elastic Search, but the pre-required installation of Elasticsearch engine to your server is too complex? Our team is here to help you without delays and pitfalls.

  7.  Magento Custom Extension Development

    We develop our Magento modules with customers in mind. Yet, at times customers’ challenges required uniquely tailored approach. And we take up the challenge:

    • Magento backend and frontend customization;
    • Stress-free migration to another e-commerce platform;
    • Store integration with 3rd-party solutions, shipping systems, and payment methods;
    • Magento on-site improvements;
    • and even more.
  8. Magento Installation

    We will install any Magento/Magento2 mod in 1-2 business days and provide improvements that fit your store performance.

Why you’ll love Amasty

  1. We know 250+ ways to power up your Magento store, and we’re ready to share our expertise with our customers and partners.
  2. If you become Amasty’s customer, you won’t be left to deal with your Magento issues all alone. Our Customer Care specialists will help you address your challenge without delays.
  3. Need some ideas for meeting your e-commerce business challenges? Then our blog is the right place to stop by. In our articles, we strive to provide solutions to problems reported by our customers/ other Magento professionals. Most of our articles are created by tech-savvy developers, QA, support specialists, and other industry professionals.


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