Richie Meldrum is a writer and digital strategist based in Melbourne. He has worked in brand and digital agencies in the UK and Australia for over 12 years. Recently, Richie provided his expert opinion on ‘Website & Channel Content’ in our whitepaper How to Succeed at Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce. He’s what Richie had to say: 

“A website without content is like a car with no fuel — going nowhere fast! I’m not usually one for slogans, but there is a lot of truth in this one. Without content, your website is a shell. It might have form and structure in the shape of templates and a sitemap, but it has nothing on its shelves — no story, no message, no persuasion, no instruction, no details, no nothing. 

Gearing the site towards achieving its online objectives calls for an understanding of your users — who are they, what are they here for, and how can we meet their needs? And at the heart of the answer to these concurrent questions is content — written, visual, graphical. Without it, you don’t have a website, you have a need — a need for some quality content”!

Enjoyed Richie’s insight? Read the full Website & Channel Content chapter from the B2B whitepaper: ‘How to Succeed at Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce’ here: download the whitepaper.

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