As part of our continual commitment to the Franchise Sector in Australia, Balance Internet exhibited and sponsored the National Franchise Convention 2013 (NFC13) ” Future Landscapes for Leadership, Strategy and Technology last week at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast.

Along with Google and PayPal, Balance Internet is a dedicated partner of the Franchise Council Australia. For NFC13, Balance Internet secured booths at the exhibit hall as well as partaking in two speaking opportunities as well as our ongoing sponsorship efforts.  Managing Director James Horne spoke at the Conference on Monday with Joel Shulkin, the National Marketing Manager of Clark Rubber. Together they shared a case study about Clark Rubbers’ Digital Journey. Balance Internet and Clark Rubber have been working together for over 3 years now, and it was great to share this journey with likeminded Franchisees. Balance Internet work with various clients who belong to the Franchise Sector and we understand that it can be difficult to transition the Franchise model to include an online store. We have worked with Clark Rubber to help overcome the blockers and fears associated with a competing
online store, allowing Franchisees to see opportunity and embrace the online presence for the better of the Franchise Group.

On Tuesday, James Horne joined Rob McKay, CEO, Wendy’s Supa Sundaes and Richard Thame, CEO, Fastway Couriers Australia as the facilator of a panel presentation about rolling out new technologies for Franchise Groups. Some of the key take aways from this presentation included:

  • Your technology should be enabling the business, it should be helping the business to be better. The business must need it to make the business run more efficiently. Is your technology doing that?
  • When implementing technology, tightly define your scope and stick to it.
  • When implementing new technology walk before you can run, test the technology, and then test it again! Testing is the key to a successful buy in from your broader team. Adopt a push-pull strategy ” ultimately when implementation technology you need to test it, use a pilot (one store or similar) where real life users test it and evaluate it, then a number of trial stores and then final implementation.

NFC-BlogIMG2Guy Russo, Managing Director of K-Mart also spoke at the Conference and shared his straight up approach for management encouraging everyone to get back in the kitchen and experience the business itself first hand. For Balance Internet, this means we are getting our Directors back on the tools and coding solutions for our clients!

Hamish Moline, Senior Director Seller Experience, eBay, presented on the future of e-Commerce in Australia. He stressed the need for Franchise Groups to have an online presence including an omni channel strategy. He noted that Australians were one of the highest users of smart phones for researching and purchasing online in the world. Hamish stressed the need to get mobile, and prepare an omni channel strategy for your Franchise Group that included cross channel marketing ventures.

James Sanders, Head of Channel Sales, Asia Pacific, Google presented on the Local Internet and Local Search. As head of Channel Sales, he partners with organisations across the region to sell Google’s full range of advertising products to small and mid-sized businesses. Balance Internet and Google are now looking to partner with franchisors in Australia to help their franchisees benefit from the benefits of Google AdWords. Balance Internet and Google have been working together closely to assist Franchise Groups to optimize Google ad words for local franchisee stores.

Balance Internet has been an active partner and member of the Franchise Council of Australia for 3 years running. We congratulate the team at the National Franchise Association another great NFC!

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