The world is becoming increasingly more connected.

It has now become a common expectation from costumers that your business has an online presence so that they can connect with you. As a result, a business has a common expectation that your business systems will connect with your eCommerce website flawlessly, without having to double handle everything. Magento decided to help out with this, by building an API.

The Magento API is a fully functioning ‘connection’ tool, which allows a company to have a direct connection from a POS, ERP, SAP or the likes, to be able to talk to the website. This allows the synchronisation of important things, like the inventory, stock, customers, orders etc, making your business’ life easier. Calls to the Magento API are authorised, to help with your secure data.

While all the points of data synchronisation is important, having the stock levels managed automatically is a huge advantage. The time saving this can have on your business, is incredible. Also, it will help with customer satisfaction, with your website customers knowing that you have a trustworthy website that is able to provide accurate stock levels on all the inventory. Much better, the Magento API is able to be called at any point to update stock levels.

There is a wealth of knowledge for the Magento API online and is widely used. With every new release of Magento, more and more upgrades are being applied to it to add extra functionality, speed and general improvements.

Go on, check it out, it might save your business countless hours of frustrating, tedious work – Magento API.

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