Allow the world to become your storefront as you build superior shopping experiences with a Magento 2.0 and Google Shopping software integration. Increase brand awareness, engagement and online conversions as the robust, open-source functionality of the Magento 2.0 eCommerce platform complements the powerful and intuitive Google Shopping platform. Developed by Google to deliver a seamless product discovery experience that fosters a sense of collaboration between the merchant and the search engine, the Magento 2.0 and Google Shopping fusion creates a revenue channel via the world’s largest and most frequented digital space.

With over $50 Billion in gross transactions annually, extend the reach of your online store alongside the 250,000- businesses worldwide who are cleverly turning intention into action courtesy of the Magento and Google Shopping integration.

As Magento 2.0 delivers a feature rich eCommerce platform that offers the merchant expansive flexibility, Google Shopping leverages the merchants position by empowering them with total control over their product and catalog content and information. So as we prepare to sync your online stores product data feed with the Google Merchant Centre, let’s take a look at some of the real time, tangible benefits to your business as we embark on this collaboration together.

Increase Brand Recognition & Conversion Optimisation

As a Magento Enterprise Partner the Balance Internet team of innovative developers proactively contribute to Magento’s global ecosystem of solution partners, a community that fosters competitive development of extensions to enrich the partner, merchant and end user experience. Having developed an extension specifically to facilitate Google Shopping integration with Magento 1 and 2.0, “Xtento – Product Feed Export Module” delivers a seamless feed compatibility and product data sync with zero maintenance. Piqued your interest? Let’s check out some of the benefits of this eCommerce coupling:

  • A proven revenue channel, many clients are now using Google Shopping as a main line of URL revenue
  • With an emphasis on product content (it is Google after all) the integration can help you to outrank competitors by customising your titles and descriptions, producing fresh original content for SEO gains
  • A rich extension, it boasts advanced features including live data feeds that update every night
  • Enables the consumer direct access to the product, eliminating the need to navigate through another website
  • Exports a well-structured XML Feed of your complete catalog from your Magento platform to your Google Merchant Account

Integration Tips

Each country has differing requirements, in Australia your product info needs to adhere to:

  • Products must be listed in English
  • Product landing pages must be in English
  • Product prices must be listed in AUD, including all applicable taxes and charges except delivery
  • You can internationalise, but in doing so your products need to adhere to the particular countries Google requirements
  • The export format for this integration is XML CRSS.20 which complies with the feed rules of Google Shopping
  • Avail of Google Analytics, a freemium service that provides the merchant with the ability to track data related to the traffic of your eCommerce website

Experience the leverage and profile of the Google Shopping platform, as Magento 2.0 delivers transparency of process and heightened visibility of product, from real time scalability and the positioning of your brand and products on the world’s largest most influential search engine, Google. As Google shapes trends and rankings it’s not a question of why would you integrate but when will you integrate?

Contact us or call us now on 1300 624 368 to engage, optimise and convert on the world’s largest online retail space – it’s what we do!

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