We were pleased to host the first of a four part Magento Webinar series on ‘Succeeding in B2B eCommerce’. If you didn’t get the chance to view it live, you can watch it here.

James Horne, Balance Internet MD and a team of expert panelists; Jeremy Krause, Chief of Innovation and Disruption at Global Retail Brands, Scott Mclean, Marketing Manager at LSC, Merline McGregor, General Manager, ANZ at Practicology and Brandon Spear, President at MSTS, jump into our recently released B2B whitepaper and discuss what areas need to be considered for successful digital transformation.

Key takeaways:

  • A walk through of the key elements of the recently published whitepaper ‘How to Succeed at Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce’
  • The critical areas you need to consider for B2B transactional commerce so you don’t get left behind
  • What needs to be on your digital transformation roadmap if you are a first timer to B2B eCommerce, replatforming a legacy site or undertaking significant improvements
  • Different perspectives from different sectors and individuals on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation
  • Resources that are available to you to fill the gaps in your knowledge base for the vast number of B2B considerations

Want more? Download the whitepaper now.


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