Daniel Roberts founded SKUvantage in 2009 to solve the problem of how to get good product information in front of consumers. As an expert in the product information management space, Daniel discussed the importance of product information management as part of the digital ecosystem in our B2B eCommerce whitepaper, here’s what Daniel had to say. 

“Digital product content is just as important when selling to businesses as to consumers — after all, people who work in B2B business are also consumers and have the same need for information. There is little point in having a Ferrari of an eCommerce platform without putting the right (or any) fuel in it. Yet there are many examples of poorly executed B2B eCommerce platforms that don’t provide the information their users need. This results in the same negative impacts experienced by retailers of providing poor product content: additional costs to serve, more returns, lower conversion rates, and fewer satisfied customers.

In B2B businesses, the expertise for managing product content is even rarer than in consumer- facing businesses, because it has never been needed to be developed. Furthermore, in- house systems are unlikely to be aligned for eCommerce execution, with ERP systems not configured to support the efficient acquisition of the necessary attribution.

As you develop your eCommerce strategy, product content needs to be approached from a holistic standpoint; encompassing technology, processes and people. This can be a particular challenge across the enormous product ranges that most B2B businesses have, with limited team capability to execute.

It is absolutely paramount to join user-friendly technology with aligned team capability, business processes and supporting services, which are tuned to your specific eCommerce requirements. Critical to this is accounting for how your suppliers will provide you product information to enable your strategy to be a success”.

Did you enjoy Daniel’s update? And do you want to know more about PIM? Balance Internet were pleased to host the final of the four part Magento Commerce Webinar series on ‘Succeeding in B2B eCommerce’. In Episode 4 we discussed, ‘How Product Information Management (PIM) can turbo charge B2B digital success’ and cemented the 15 reasons why B2B need frictionless product information management. If you didn’t get the chance to view it live, you can watch it here: https://www.balanceinternet.com.au/news/how-product-information-management-pim-can-turbo-charge-b2b-digital-success-webinar/

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