Hayley Hopwood, Head of Growth at Stripe, has led an impressive career as a payment specialist and sales leader within financial services and technology. Spending over a decade working in fintech, Hayley is a trusted advisor in many sectors focusing on digital commerce and fraud management. She specialises in cross border payments, eWallets, data and fraud management, and spans a diverse landscape of retailers, digital platforms and government agencies.  Hayley shared her wealth of knowledge in our B2B eCommerce whitepaper, here’s what Hayley had to say. 

“Today’s payment landscape has changed significantly because of the rise of digital innovation. This transformation allows businesses to connect more deeply and process payments faster while reducing costs and mitigating risk. Through a digital payments partner, companies hold a competitive advantage offering speed to service and reconcile, data analytics and automation — we find this is one of the key reasons for the shift from paper-based to digital.

With only 3% of global GDP occurring on the internet, digital payments will continue to rise and technology will continue to evolve, forever changing the landscape of B2B and B2C and P2P payments. The rise of B2B non-cash transactions will continue through general internet economic growth and the continuing adoption of digital payments.

Businesses and customers’ expectations are higher than ever. As a payment provider, we need to provide efficient, transparent services that minimise risk and adhere to regulations, all while providing a beautiful user experience for both the front-end and back-end reconciliation.”

Enjoyed Hayley’s expert insight? Download our whitepaper ‘How to Succeed at Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce’, to read the full ‘Payment and Security’ chapter.

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