Oro Inc. was founded in 2012. The founders and senior leadership team all played key leadership roles in the birth and development of Magento, each having an extensive history in open source and eCommerce technology in their own right.

Yoav Kutner is one of the founders and the CEO of Oro, Inc, prior to this he was the CTO and Co-Founder of Magento. During his time leading the development of Magento, Yoav identified the opportunity for an open source CRM platform that is easily integrated with Magento and other retailer and business systems. A CRM that can provide a full 360 degree view of each customer, their transactions and brand interactions across multiple channels. Yoav is considered a product visionary in the open source, eCommerce and business application space.

Oro Inc. have been hard at work fine tuning their vision’ and ultimately the delivery of OroCRM to the commerce world. OroCRM is built to enhance and simplify the management of customers for eCommerce and omni-channel businesses through their vision’ of creating a CRM that can be customised to meet the specific needs of any omni-channel business. The issue that many retailers and businesses face is the lack of indepth knowledge about their customers, OroCRM’s ability to capture, manage and segment customer data enables the delivery of relevant and personalised customer communications that build and deepen customer relationships and ultimately sales.

Oro Inc. are all about making CRM easier for businesses. From user friendly dashboards to flexible marketing tools Oro has multi-channel businesses covered.

The OroCRM Vision…

Sales Automation

  • Contact, Account and Opportunity Management
  • eCommerce Workflow
  • Sales Workflow
  • Action Management and Flow Alerts
  • User-Defined Account and Contact Attributes
  • Integration with MS, Google and eCommerce Systems

Marketing Features

Platform Enhancements

  • Entity, Form and Grid Creation and System Configuration Tools
  • User and Organization Management

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