Magento 2 revolutionises eCommerce at Monash University

Exciting things are happening at Monash University.

As a modern institution, Monash pride themselves on being at the forefront of technology; however, their online store was letting them down. Monash was in need of a more flexible, intuitive and user-friendly eCommerce environment – and partnering with our team at Balance Internet was the way to make it happen. Together, we were able to deliver their staff, students and the public a better user experience when shopping on their online store.

After developing a great partnership with the university, we were able to fully understand their business and project requirements, and Magento 2 aligned with their needs perfectly.

From performance testing and optimisation, to penetration testing to ensure site security, we were proud to help Monash unveil a better, faster and more secure platform.

The platform will allow Monash University to scale and bring on new products or services as required.

We further extended and customised the Magento 2 platform to enable:

  • Single sign on with Monash Accounts ID
  • Custom payment methods (Visa, Mastercard and PayPal)
  • Integration with SAP
  • WCAG compliance for the visually impaired
  • Use of a marketplace module to enable for different faculties and departments to mange products, pricing and orders

The Magento 2 site is fully responsive, optimising the browsing and shopping experience across all products and services. Students can now securely transact with Monash any time on any device no matter where they are – home or overseas.

The platform is hosted in a fully scalable environment that ensures high performance and page load speed making it simple, easy and fast for all Monash’s stakeholders to interact and transact.

Balance Internet would like to thank our partners at Monash for their support in delivering a successful ​project.

It’s never been safer and easier or quicker to shop online at Monash University, check it out for yourself.

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