Boasting enterprise-scalability and enhanced business agility, Magento 2.0 the next generation eCommerce platform is revolutionising the merchant and end-user experience for thousands of businesses on a global scale.

Reimagined from the processor up, Magento 2.0 from its consumer like admin interface to the improved business tools that optimise your operations driving growth and conversion, not only retains its relevancy but is establishing itself as the world’s leading eCommerce platform in the online retail space.

Featuring tight out-of-the-box integrations with PayPal, Braintree and payment gateways, Magento 2.0 delivers improved security and helps you become PCI compliant. Dominating the digital space Magento 2.0 is deployed in varied markets including:

  • Online beauty retailers
  • Financial products and services
  • Retail household appliance store
  • Fashion retailers
  • International media corporations
  • International sporting and fashion brands
  • Beauty and health retailers

Magento 2.0 allows you to integrate with and reach the marketplace where your customers are: Inc.: A major player in the online retail space, Amazon is currently selling more than 2 million products from a pool of 30,000 represented brands to Chinese consumers.

Amazon China: As one of the first, foreign eCommerce firms permitted to conduct business in the country, they have dominated the marketplace through promotional activities and cut rate discount campaigns that appeal to the Chinese consumers shopping behavioural trends.

eBay: Boasting over 162 million users, this retail powerhouse sold a gross merchandise volume of $82 billion in 2015 alone. Features over 800 marketplaces within the confines of the eBay model.

Rakuten: With a market cap of $13.5 billion, Rakuten is the largest eCommerce site in Japan with over $4 billion worth of sales annually. With over 90% of Japans internet users registered on Rakuten, merchants wishing to reach their market in Japan simply cannot afford not sell on the site. Hosting over 40,000 businesses and services, with flagship companies such as Toshiba, Adidas and Forever 21, it is a concept similar to Etsy only 17 times larger and 14 years older.

Lazada: Founded by Rocket Internet in 201, the Lazada Group with HQ in Singapore is a privately owned eCommerce company with a focus on becoming the of Southeast Asia. As of 2014, Lazada were operating sites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippine’s and Vietnam.

Trademe: The eBay of New Zealand Trademe as of August 2015 boasted 3.7 million active members from a population of 4.63 million- the site records over 878,000 visits per day.

Reach out to your customers wherever the marketplace with Magento 2.0.

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