Balance Internet was lucky enough to participate in the Merchant Beta program last year, our team got their mitts on the Beta code way back in June 2015 – Since then, we’ve been keen to share some of our views on the changes to the admin and now with the general release of M2 we can openly share the our team’s thoughts.

There were plenty of impressed Magento Developers and Project Managers here at Balance Internet when we first got a glimpse of the updated admin area of Magento 2. All of us were impressed with the œfacelift that Magento gave the M2 Admin interface.

While the admin œlooks and feels like a fresh application, those familiar with M1 will still be able to find most functions in their regular places.

So what’s changed? Pretty much the look of most things, Magento have also thrown in some productivity boosters into the mix too.

Firstly, the main navigation has been pushed over to the left rather than the top, and we now have some symbols for each area of the admin too.


The usual places where most merchants will œhangout have had a bit of an overhaul.
The Orders Grid now has an easy interface to add/remove columns. Also each view that you create can be saved and shared between admin users too:


There’s an extended set of filters to find the order you’re looking for, a huge time saver for customer service staff looking for that specific order:


The team here at Balance Internet were extremely impressed with the little œone percenters that all add up. Functions like being able to create a new category while adding a product via the admin was a neat addition. The ability to drag and drop media into the product create screen seemed current compared to the now dated M1 admin area just to name a few.


It’s hard to believe that the admin of M1 is pushing 9 years old. M1 users who are used to finding things in their respectful homes will not be disappointed after a transition to M2. With only a handful of menu structure changes the transition from the admin of M1 to M2 is a breeze.

We love the new admin interface of Magento 2, no doubt you will too.

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