This week on the blog, we’re sharing an extract from chapter 1 of 19, from the Balance Internet whitepaper ‘Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce — Driving success and growth in 2021 and beyond’ Second Edition.’

We’ll be sharing expert insights and predictions from Sebastian Klett, Solutions Architecture Practice Lead at Balance Internet. Sebastian discusses the three key factors your organisation must not overlook in addition to your digital transformation strategy.

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Expert Insight

2020 was a turbulent year that required many businesses to adjust and change their approach to serve and connect with their customers. Companies came up with new ways to transform their business and ways of working to survive in these uncertain times.

The pandemic has demonstrated a distinct divide between businesses digitally mature enough to face unpredictable circumstances and those who are not. In many countries around the globe lockdowns and uncertainty continues, and only the companies who seek to anticipate and adjust to new trends will stand a chance of surviving the new landscape.

While some companies pioneered adjusting their business processes during the pandemic, many others failed or are still struggling to adapt. The term digital transformation is a topic that is now more present than ever before.

The last 6-12 months have had a significant impact on the speed and necessity of digital transformation for businesses, and many companies were forced to adapt to digital technology. Not only businesses that are selling directly to consumers in an urgent need of adjusting their way of operating, but so too are companies and brands that are not in the B2B industry.

At Balance Internet, we’ve seen that companies across various industries are using the pandemic to probe their digital landscape to ensure that similar situations do not repeat themselves and to ensure that their business is set up for success in the future.

Companies that have entered the path of a digital transformation before the pandemic are now ahead of their competitors and are receiving the benefits of ensuring that their business is ready for change at any given moment.

In 2021 we will be seeing more businesses rolling out their digital transformation strategy and planning for a future which can change very rapidly, as we have seen in the past year.

With the acceleration of a digital transformation strategy, it is vital to ensure the rollout of these three key factors are considered and not overlooked:

  • Define KPIs that allow you to measure your transformation, and this will enable you to track your progress and success for your transformation successfully
  • Establish roles and responsibilities, which will make sure everyone within your team knows who is accountable for which part of your transformation
  • Prioritise the digital tools that will be part of your digital transformation, and this will accelerate the start of the transformation and is generally an easy path to get started

Companies will need to continue to measure progress in terms of the customer journey and not just improvements to their business systems. Companies will need to monitor how their transformation is improving the customer experience continuously, the ability to identify customer needs and the roll out products and services that meet these customer needs. The world is changing very fast, and the changes we’ve seen to businesses and customer needs will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Sebastian Klett

Solutions Architecture Practice Lead, Balance Internet

Sebastian Klett is the solutions architecture practice lead at Balance Internet, navigating leading Australian businesses, corporations and educational institutions through their digital transformation journey. With close to a decade of industry experience in eCommerce, Sebastian thrives on continuously improving the process and service offering for current and prospective clientele at Balance Internet, while delivering innovative and modern digital solutions.

In Conclusion

This blog post is an extract from chapter 1 of 19, from the Balance Internet whitepaper ‘Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce — Driving success and growth in 2021 and beyond’ Second Edition.

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