Mark Gretton, Chief Technology Officer at CHE Proximity, has over 18 years experience in digital, CX and marketing transformation programmes. We asked Mark for his expert opinion on Business Intelligence for B2B eCommerce in our B2B eCommerce whitepaper, here’s what Mark had to say. 

Not all customers are created equal.

As businesses grow, the ability to prioritise the human investment (sales, marketing and service) in nurturing new business prospects into active customers becomes critical to ensuring that the hottest and most valuable leads receive the most resources.

As technology solutions become more accessible, we’re seeing B2B businesses invest in business intelligence, automation and scoring mechanisms in order to better focus their resources based on optimal revenue outcomes.

Being able to connect data profiles across the unknown / known-unknown / known-known states and correlate a single customer view for marketing, commerce and sales teams to act upon is critical to ensuring that the programmes of work can be intelligently deployed. In the B2B world, being able to create the right parent-child relationships between the entities is also key to ensuring that the role that that person plays in the organisation is also clear and the right nurture pathway is set up for them relative to their remit in the relationship.

The underlying data foundations between systems that store and process customer data (Customer Record Management, Customer Data Platform, data lakes etc) and systems that activate personalised audience experiences (Content Management System, Conversion Rate Optimiser, Demand-side platform and marketing automation tools) also need to be properly configured to ensure that all of these interactions are scalable and that unnecessary latency barriers are removed in triggering the next action.

It’s an exciting time of possibility, but one in which data engineering must keep pace with the market for brands to continue to differentiate their customer experience. 

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