Australian Online Shopping 2017It’s no coincidence that Australian shoppers are developing an ever-growing appetite for online; seeking lower prices on products they may have traditionally bought in-store, often using online comparison tools and deal sites to fast-track the process. A key consideration for the keen shopper is choice and convenience. It’s increasingly important for brands to focus on their online customer experience, offering a broader range of products and removing barriers to purchase.

Traditional retailers who are investing in website conversion optimisation are seeing great reward for their efforts when concentrating on the following areas;

  • Tablet and mobile user experience
  • Optimising the pathway to checkout
  • Implementing alternative shipping options and improved notifications/tracking
  • Installing best of breed payment alternatives
  • Improving customer service and loyalty programs
  • Enriching product information
  • Enhancing online shopping purchase and returns policy

A 2017 ecommerce industry paper ‘Inside Australian Online Shopping’ by Australia Post and StarTrack noted a 6.9%  growth in online spending compared to bricks-and-mortar and a $21.65 billion spend online in 2016 alone.

Are you frequently browsing for a specific product or service online during the day only to make a purchase later in the evening? This is an increasingly common path consumers undertake during the awareness and consideration phase before making a transaction online, with 29% percent of purchases made between 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Additionally, we’re seeing a decline in purchases made on desktop and laptops, with an increase year-on-year on mobile devices.

So what can we do as a retailer to stay relevant in an ever-changing online landscape?

Like all well informed decisions they rely on the acquisition of good data. The less we assume about the customer the more relevant we are likely to be. And this is especially important as our newly launched products begin to mature! Once you have good data it’s about taking action. Some considerations for next steps may include –

  • Updating product content to be more informative, or answering a specific set of questions that consumers have frequently asked.
  • Creating personalised campaigns on social, email and sms to promote limited release or limited stock products/services.
  • Developing bespoke loyalty programs for VIP’s and/or new customers.
  • Running competitions to gather personalised additional data, with a small incentive for customers doing so.
  • Participating in international shopping events such as Singles Day, Black Friday, Vogue Online Shopping Night or Cyber Monday.

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Reference:Inside Australian Online Shopping 2017 Report

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