Your eCommerce expert for site innovation and optimisation

As the most experienced Magento Enterprise Partner in the Asia-Pacific region, we are the team to trust with your eCommerce needs. Whether you want to optimise site performance, increase conversion and sales, or simply build trust within your customer base, we have the tools to achieve all of your goals. Your success will always be our primary focus, so give us a call to see how our years of expertise can help your business get ahead.

At Balance Internet we’ve been helping businesses navigate the eCommerce ocean for almost two decades. We’ve seen the industry grow from an Alta Vista sapling into a digital forest, and we’ve been there alongside it, delivering the most advanced and innovative eCommerce solutions in the field. More than just an eCommerce developer, we’re a business partner, committed to helping you achieve your vision and success. We work with you to develop the strategy. Then we design, develop and launch a high-performing eCommerce solution. But that’s only the beginning. The real fun starts as we analyse the data, and apply our extensive experience and innovation to drive sales and loyalty. We will also help optimise conversion, improve user experience, and increase order values. That’s the game we love, and where we can deliver the most value to your business.



A holistic strategy for optimum results
At Balance Internet, every partnership and major project starts with a thorough review of your goals, business requirements and customers, followed by interviews, meetings and workshops with all stakeholders. Using this information, we develop a high-level project charter and agree on key performance indicators (KPIs) for the project. Our digital commerce strategy incorporates all aspects of the eCommerce platform, including overall platform architecture and configuration, product merchandising, marketing campaigns and promotions, product fulfilment, warehousing, customer service, integration with existing business systems, and platform hosting. Our conversion specialists review existing data and analytics to recommend strategies to optimise site performance. Our UX team will also make recommendations and develop designs to support each user group’s experience across the site.

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UX &


We believe in total collaboration with your brand and marketing team to develop a streamlined user experience. We combine your deep knowledge of your brand and consumers with our expertise developing relevant and streamlined pathways and onsite experiences for each customer segment, to optimise conversion and sales.

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The experts in development
Whether you want to develop an entirely new eCommerce site, or redesign an existing one, we’ll help you develop a strategy that will achieve results.

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Magento 2

Magento 2: Why Upgrade
With the arrival of Magento 2 and its flexible architecture and enterprise-grade scalability and performance, the question for over 250,000 Magento merchants is: Do I have to upgrade? / What are the upgrade benefits?

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At Balance Internet, we’re dedicated to building long-term relationships with our partners to ensure their success. We are renowned for our ongoing technical support and maintenance, and have an emergency team available to assist after hours.

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Expert Magento Training from Balance Internet
We believe Magento is the most effective platform to build your eCommerce business, and we provide comprehensive training across all aspects of this platform to allow you to take control of your destiny.

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Health Checks

As Magento experts, we understand what it takes to build a best-practice high-performing Magento eCommerce store.

We have a well-established process for the review and health check of Magento sites to understand deficiencies or performance issues.

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A fully-integrated digital commerce platform automates data transfers between your existing business systems (ERP, POS, WMS, OMS, Finance Systems) and your Magento store, so you can focus on driving conversion and sales instead of managing your backend systems.

We’ve helped numerous retailers and businesses do just that, by combining their existing business systems with an integrated commerce platform.

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We make sure your digital commerce platform is hosted on the most appropriate infrastructure to optimise performance, stability and speed.

Balance Internet has an open and transparent approach to hosting, and can recommend a combination of price and performance based on your traffic and site requirements.

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We’ve partnered with many businesses whose initial goal was to migrate from another Magento developer or an alternative platform.

During migrations, it is important to be extremely thorough, and we understand the importance of a seamless transition with minimal disruption to site availability and sales. To this end, we have proven systems and frameworks in place to ensure a completely smooth transition.

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