Windsor Smith, established in 1946, is a family run business based in Melbourne. They have grown from strength to strength over the years and are regarded as one of Australia’s leading footwear brands. Since the commencement of the partnership in 2013, Windsor Smith and Balance Internet have worked together to continuously improve and optimise their websites that have achieved strong growth.

In 2016, Windsor Smith had outgrown their platform and could no longer support the demands of their customers with their increasing traffic and sales.


  • Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Development



  • Magento Commerce



  • Enhance user engagement through integrated social channels.
  • Improved site functionality with a revamped on-brand user interface.
  • Address website performance issues.
  • Magento 2 migration to support growth with a stable AP21 integration.
  • Drive online sales and traffic to additional sales channels.


Together with Windsor Smith, the team at Balance Internet worked to establish core requirements that pointed to migrate the legacy Magento 1 website to Magento 2. A major factor driving the project was to significantly improve the experience for its online users which included their flagship brand, Windsor Smith, as well as clearance website WS Outlet, and other brands such as Lipstick Shoes that also integrate to eBay stores.

Our UX team identified a number of key issues through a UX Audit then moved to understand customer and operational goals, needs and pain points. By conducting a series of stakeholder interviews, they could further understand and extract business requirements.

With a proposed full website redesign with a focus on data integration, Magento 2 was the obvious choice for enhanced performance and scalability, whilst addressing stability issues through a robust middleware solution with AP21.

The UX team worked closely with Windsor Smith to further understand and define pain points, which resulted to better understand their users and craft an on brand and an intuitive user interface that heroed campaign and product content. The refreshed interface includes features such as; advanced search, QuickView, social login to name a few.


Windsor Smith experienced major conversion uplift by implementing a refreshed and refined user-focussed, Magento Commerce website that communicates a sleek and modern feel. The inclusion of Algolia Advanced Search allows for quick exact matches to products they’re looking for, while the elastic load balanced environment supported on campaign performance by automatically adjusting infrastructure resources to suit traffic requirements. The middleware that handled data integration seamlessly without interruption to back-end operations made fulfillment a breeze. The tightly integrated AP21 allows for further efficiencies during the fulfillment process.

There was a major uplift in mobile device conversions and operational efficiencies that allow Windsor Smith to invest more energy in marketing initiatives that continue to drive sales further.