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As an independent marketing services business, The Buckner Group provides solutions for the design, sourcing, production and distribution of specialised branded communication products. Established in 1926, The Buckner Group remains a proudly Australian owned company. Their longevity is based on an innovative culture, a daring vision and a team of dedicated staff who believe in the group’s shared future.

Balance Internet and The Buckner Group began collaborating to develop a next generation B2B marketing services commerce platform that would shape the way the group does business. Further, to maintain their position firmly at the forefront of business-to-business (B2B) marketing services.

The Challenge

The Buckner Group wanted to create a unique and engaging B2B marketing services experience for their customers. Their service offering encompasses categories from custom labelling and packaging to branded merchandise and apparel, tailored advertising, local area marketing and beyond.

The team at The Buckner Group knew that creating a platform to meet their needs required an unlimited ability to customise every aspect of the B2B customer experience. It would also need to offer reliable and future-proof architecture to keep up with growth plans, as well as seamless third-party integrations with critical business systems like the organisations ERP and publishing software.

Adobe Commerce Cloud was selected as the platform to bring their vision to life, and Balance Internet the commerce partner to engineer the highly customised solution.

The Solution

The Buckner Group wanted their B2B customers to continue to have a positive experience as they migrated from the legacy solution to a new platform. This meant offering a fully digital solution that could optimise the way each B2B customer does business, just as much as it would for the group itself.

Providing B2B customers with a way to control and reduce rogue spending and keep within a budget is just one of the ways the group demonstrates a dedication to CX above everything else.

A significant body of work was undertaken to ensure that critical business systems worked together in harmony to create a seamless CX. The solution uses Dabus Middleware to foster interaction between independent systems, keeping business operations streamlined, automated and organised. It bridges the gap between applications, tools and databases to provide a unified experience to both B2B customers, and business users.

The result is a B2B solution that has ensured greater flexibility and control of every aspect of the purchasing process. From controlling who can input and customise an order, to who can approve and purchase it, control is central to The Buckner Group’s modern commerce solution.

The Result

Since launching in early 2021, some of The Buckner Group’s key clients have been onboarded to the solution including one of Australia’s largest early learning providers, market leading travel services organisation, a major transportation provider and national skin care clinics organisation, as well as several hundred other companies under their umbrella.

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“Having developed and managed our own eCommerce platform in-house since the early 2000s, we knew we would have a very niche set of requirements to continue to deliver the best customer experience. Our decision to partner with Balance Internet was entirely vindicated; they were not only able to successfully bring our project to life, they also helped drive our development team to collaboratively achieve things we hadn’t dreamed possible.”

James Buckner,
General Manager, Sales,The Buckner Group
Key Platform Features

B2B Features

  • Full control of ordering processes for each client, from controlling who can input and customise an order, to who can approve and purchase it within a company.
  • Each company entity can trace the detailed transactions relating to orders with ease, removing manual sign-off processes and digitising the audit trail.
  • B2B workflows have been developed specifically with a deep understanding of client requirements and self-service preferences.
  • System integration ensures that companies are provided with a unified and seamless CX. Information updated in the ERP is automatically synced with the commerce platform to ensure this.
  • Single Sign-On allows client end users to log into the platform from their existing company system without the need for additional login credentials.

Super Content Management

  • Direct integration with the publishing platform, allows each tenant to customise a range of dedicated marketing communication assets developed specifically for their brand.
  • Clients can check out with ease through the commerce platform, without the need to login to separate systems to produce assets and then checkout.

Powerful Insights

  • Clients can reduce overspending with a full view of company budgets, orders and more. They also have the ability to restrict unauthorised purchases with an approval hierarchy.
  • Business Intelligence tools provide real-time insights for The Buckner Group and a consolidated view of various critical customer journeys.

Scalability and Optimisation

  • The ability to scale the number of clients and companies onboarded to the solution is supported by a robust architecture, built to grow with the business.
  • Integration between key systems fosters interaction and seeks to keep business operations streamlined, organised and automated.
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