Krispy Kreme ANZ, uniquely delivering delicious and joyful experiences with Adobe Commerce

Behind the scenes of the stand-out customer experience

It goes without saying that when you think of glazed doughnuts, you think of Krispy Kreme.

In 2003, Krispy Kreme opened its first store outside of the United States in Sydney, Australia, quickly establishing itself as a national icon.

Today, with stores in Australia and New Zealand and an eCommerce platform for both regions, Krispy Kreme ANZ continues to put delicious and joyful customer experiences at the heart of everything it does, whether in-store or online.

The long-established relationship between Krispy Kreme ANZ and Balance Internet has evolved into a strong and collaborative partnership. The shared passion for delivering unique and engaging shopping experiences has set the tone for continual innovation, producing many solution improvements and enhancements together in recent years.

Krisy Kreme

The Challenge

Several years ago, the digital business focus for Krispy Kreme ANZ was to become an industry leader through the use of innovative technologies and extending the product offering to its diverse customer base. Including its in-store, online, 7-Eleven and community fundraising customers.

To achieve this, in 2020 Balance Internet and Krispy Kreme ANZ commenced an exciting development to upgrade their legacy eCommerce solution, to a best-in-class Adobe Commerce platform, to drive the next phase of their digital strategy. Delivering joyful and delicious experiences, the brand’s mission, needed to be fluid across in-store and eCommerce, creating the ultimate customer experience across the board.

The eCommerce platform needed to include the many positive aspects of shopping in-store at Krispy Kreme in a new inventive way, including the welcoming atmosphere, the friendly and helpful staff, and showcasing the range of core products as well as promotional ranges.Balance Internet and Krispy Kreme ANZ worked together in partnership to begin designing a solution to meet the technical and experiential criteria required for it to be a success.

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The Solution

At the commencement of the project, the key objectives were clear for Krispy Kreme ANZ and Balance Internet. The solution developed should be a best-in-class Adobe Commerce platform to help the organisation harness their commerce growth potential.

The platform needed to deliver a game-changing customer experience for all customers by providing meaningful, engaging and relevant experiences. To achieve this, there was a heavy focus on User Experience (UX) before the commencement of solution development. The new solution considered a significant body of research conducted by the Balance Internet UX team, which was then reflected throughout many facets of the eCommerce solution across design, usability and function.

In addition to the customer UX, Krispy Kreme ANZ also wanted to significantly improve their own team’s day-to-day experiences with the platform. The goal was that the solution should act as a pivotal tool to assist the team in improving customer experiences across the board. This would be done by providing customer behaviour insights, customer data and analytics to assist with a continual improvement process.

Additionally, the Adobe Commerce out of the box content flexibility allows the team to deliver creative, immersive product pages with rich content and engaging promotional landing pages.

The platform’s vision is that no matter where customers choose to shop, whether in-store or online, Krispy Kreme ANZ should provide them with the best possible experience. Furthermore, the team behind the scenes operating the platform should be able to utilise the powerful insights the platform generates and create creative and engaging experiences for customers. The platform was launched in 2021, feature-rich and ready for action.

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The Result

Since launching, the Krispy Kreme eCommerce solution has been hugely successful. The brand’s conversion rate has consistently improved, doubling vs this time last year. Also, the average transaction value (ATV) has recovered significantly post the lockdowns of the past 12 months caused by the pandemic, as Australians increasingly gather and celebrate more.

Speaking with the eCommerce team, they are incredibly pleased with reducing the resources required to operate the platform, allowing team members to dedicate more time to the innovation and growth of the platform.

The Krispy Kreme ANZ digital roadmap is jam-packed (pun intended) full of exciting milestones. There is currently development in the works to roll out a delivery system in New Zealand. As well as major improvements to the fundraising program experience. Learn more about Krispy Kreme fundraising and raising-dough in your community.

Krispy Kreme

“Adobe Commerce Cloud has proven to be the most suitable platform to elevate our eCommerce channel in line with the ambitious growth plans for our brand in Australia and New Zealand.

In partnering with Balance Internet, we have benefited from their expert UX, Design and Development teams from start to finish. They have provided our team with excellent project support, which is something we have really valued as an organisation. Additionally, their best in class development capability has ensured that Krispy Kreme ANZ’s platform is shaped to support our growth and innovation plans and remains sustainable.”

Carolina Figueiredo,
eCommerce Manager, Krispy Kreme ANZ

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