How BlackMilk are transforming the commerce experience with PWA

BlackMilk Clothing — The global fashion phenomenon

From humble beginnings in 2009, BlackMilk Clothing has grown into a remarkable global fashion brand with a unique difference. BlackMilk’s products are designed right here in Australia at the Brisbane HQ. In addition, the brand boasts major collaborations with iconic brands, including Barbie, Pokémon, Harry Potter, and The Legend of Zelda.

While half of its devoted customers are based in Australia, BlackMilk now ships to 200+ countries from one commerce platform and has major celebrity fans like Beyonce. Bey’s crew of dancers were dressed in BlackMilk’s Tutankhamun bodysuits for her legend-status Coachella Music & Arts Festival headline performance.

The Balance Internet and BlackMilk story began several years ago when Balance took over the development of the brand’s Magento Commerce platform. From there, the strong partnership has continued at full steam, with the most recent development of a high-performance PWA headless commerce solution to transform the customer experience.

The Challenge

The challenge for this PWA solution development was always about how to transform the commerce experience whilst delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving business impact.

In 2020, when BlackMilk had the bold vision to develop a PWA solution, there was a strong business case for driving headless commerce. Approximately 80% of sessions and 65% of online revenue came from mobile, yet the user experience wasn’t as strong as desktop experiences.

The BlackMilk crew wanted to deliver the best app-like experience across all devices and develop a solution powerful enough to meet their crazy-high traffic demands, like the Pokémon collection that completely sold out within the first hour, or The Legend of Zelda drop that saw 4.5k concurrent users on the site. With major campaigns such a significant part of the digital experience, BlackMilk has an entire cross-functional team dedicated to handling traffic spikes from each new drop; the solution had to be ninja fast.

The Solution

BlackMilk Clothing is all about standing out from the crowd. So, it was no surprise that the trendsetters would take the same ‘stand out’ approach to design their new PWA solution. An entirely new theme was designed to resonate with the BlackMilk customer base, each feature executed with purpose and based on extensive customer research.

Under the hood, the new solution is incredibly powerful — it meets the performance demands of significant user traffic catering to different user transactions, including placing orders, browsing collections, adding items to wish lists, checking gift voucher balances and more.

BlackMilk drives the customer experience with innovative marketing campaigns. The brand is well known for the way it shares bi-monthly collection previews with customers. Now, the PWA solution seamlessly supports their out-of-the-box approach to marketing and commerce. While changes are made to live product data in the backend, high traffic on the front end is simultaneously handled while orders are processed.

The brand’s customer-first approach to digital transformation means that customer experiences once only available through apps are now available for the entire BlackMilk customer base, on any device. The PWA solution has elevated the end customer experience to new heights.

The Result

Since launching the PWA solution late last year, BlackMilk has seen some impressive results. Product page load speed is nearly 6 seconds faster for new 4G mobile visitors, and category page load speeds up to 2 seconds faster for new 4G mobile visitors. Further, BlackMilk has seen an increase in the number of transactions by 10% compared to the previous 3 month period.


Product page load speed nearly
6 seconds faster


Category page load speed up to
2 seconds faster


Increase in number of transactions
+ 10%
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