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Who are Balance Internet

If delivering forward-thinking, efficient and engaging experiences is critical to promoting your mission and strategic objectives, you’ve come to the right place.

Since 2008, Balance Internet has been implementing best-in-class digital transformation strategy and solutions.

Balance Internet is a highly specialised eCommerce and digital transformation agency, and our unmatched industry expertise guides our first-class digital delivery process. Balance Internet has become a recognised specialist in digital transformation for the Australian Government.

10+ years transactional commerce and CMS experience – we are a trusted digital partner for the Australian Government

We think of our clients as long-term partners. In partnership, we create the future of digital public services, reimagining the digital citizen experience.

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Key Features

Market dynamics are constantly evolving, and to remain competitive government departments today require more than just a digital experience strategy. To be successful, they need a scalable and sophisticated solution to seize market opportunities and meet the high demands of all citizens.

Ready for business

  • Improve a department’s impact with ambitious digital experiences for citizens
  • Design scalable secure and future proof digital experiences
  • Utilise innovative and industry-leading technologies

Personalised experiences

  • Personalise outbound citizen communications
  • Create, manage and deliver impactful, modern web experiences across all channels
  • Perform cross channel campaign management
  • Replace paper processes with digital forms and documentation

Agility to adapt

  • Meet security and compliance standards for data security and privacy, with ease
  • Support the future of your growth with a flexible and scalable platform
  • Measure, analyse and report on integrated data with business intelligence tools


Powered by best-in-class technology and a passion for engineering innovative solutions, our team of experts are well versed to meet the digital demands of Australia citizens.

Child Care Finder

Powered by Service Connect, Child Care Finder helps Australian citizens to connect with accredited child care providers nationwide through a completely digital experience.

Recovery Connect

Powered by Service Connect, Recovery Connect helps to connect Australian citizens with payments and assistance during and after disaster events through a completely digital experience.

Learn how our solution can be tailored to your government sector. Read our use case for government now


We’ve been in eCommerce longer than most, chances are we’ve worked with the systems in your ecosystem. Here are a few of the systems we work with:

Since 2008, Magento Commerce has grown to become the preferred Commerce Platform for international and Australian merchants. Magento now powers over 30% of global and 45% of Australian merchants enabling retailers to innovate, differentiate and grow their omnichannel sales in an increasingly competitive market.
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Drupal is an open-source platform that is supported by more than 1 million community contributors who are continually innovating and building the platform with new features. Used by some of the largest and most innovative organisations across the world, including several Australian Government Departments, Drupal is a great platform to deliver digital experiences for users.
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GovCMS is a content management and website hosting solution for the Australian government, making it easier for agencies to create modern, affordable, responsive websites to better connect the government with people.
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Digital Transformation Solutions for Government

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Transactionalising the Citizen Experience

At Balance Internet we work with the Australian Federal Government to implement solutions that deliver outcomes for Australian citizens. Learn how our solution can be tailored to individual government sectors. Download our use case for government now.